Who are we?SAMM BBQ

SAMM is a committee of Christian men from St Aidan’s who organise men’s ministry events.¬† Contact Mat Yeo at the St Aidan’s Office

Our Objectives

  • encourage men to develop to their full potential as Christian men.
  • provide meeting points where men can enjoy Christian fellowship and pray together.
  • arrange social activities where men can bring their friends to meet other Christian men.
  • organise evangelistic events in informal settings where men can bring friends to hear the gospel explained in clear and simple terms.

Ways to achieve these objectives

Social events: opportunities to relax with other men, but also provide an informal context for inviting non-Christian friends and build relationships.

Evangelistic events: when good company, good food and a clear gospel message will come together to provide opportunities to invite friends.

Training events: where men can develop and consolidate their knowledge and experience of God.

Nurturing: supporting men in difficult times.

Practical outreach: men going out into the community to assist those in need in a practical way.

Events Calendar 2016

1 June - Footy night
5 June – Dads & Kids NERF day
3 September – Men’s Convention
Men’s Retreats
24-26 June
28-30 October

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