What God teaches us

St Aidan’s is a group of people meeting together who all love and follow God our Heavenly Father, and his Son the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe God is our creator and that Jesus died for us and now lives with us (more details below).

We meet together to: worship God; encourage and care for one another; and hear from God’s Word, the Bible, as well as talk with him in prayer.

Our aim as the people of God is to know Christ Jesus better and to see Him made known throughout the world.

What we Believe

  • We believe the Bible is God’s words to us.
  • God is both a loving and merciful God, and also a just and righteous God.
  • The Bible tells us that God is the creator of the heavens and the earth. All things were created by him and for him.
  • Thereforeour lives belong to him. We should follow him and serve him.
  • BUT…we don’t! We live lives in ignorance of God, without reference to God, and generally with no desire to seek God. We do not listen to how God tells us to follow him. We disobey.
  • God won’t let us rebel forever. He is a just God. The Bible tells us that humans are destined to die once and face judgment (Hebrews 9:27); and, withouthelp, that judgment is to fall under the eternal punishment of God.
  • But God is also a loving God, a compassionate God. He chose not to leave us in a completely helpless situation, but to act on our behalf. He sent Jesus, his own divine Son, into our world.
  • Unlike us, Jesus didn’t rebel against God. He always obeyed God and followed him. Thereforehe did not deserve death or punishment. But Jesus did die. He allowed himself to be executed on a cross. Why?
  • The Bible tells us that Jesus died as a substitute for all humans. Jesus took the penalty we deserved by dying in our place. God’s full judgment fell on him, so that God could forgive us. The debt we could not pay was paid for us.
  • After 3 days, God raised Jesus to life. Jesus, having defeated death, can now give new life to all who turn to him. Our sins can now be forgiven by God and we can make a fresh start with him as friends.
  • In this new life, God himself comes to live within us by his Spirit. We are pardoned by God, God lives with us and, after this life, we will live with God forever in his heavenly kingdom.
  • This is the choice all humans make. To continue in our rebellion against God and accept the consequences; or to meet God on his terms, realising that our own situation is hopeless. God has thrown us a lifeline. Trust in Jesus, accept his forgiveness and follow him. Become part of God’s family. Discover the absolute joy of knowing God.

Why We Exist

  • A ‘church’ simply means the people of God gathered together. We exist not because we are particularly good or moral or religious, but entirely because of what God has done for us in sacrificing Jesus on the cross.
  • We exist to know this God and make his good news known. We exist for others and for ourselves.
  • For others. We exist so that anyone who does not yet follow God or serve him can have the chance to hear about him and join us in following him. We want to make Christ Jesus known.
  • For ourselves. We also exist to teach and encourage one another in our knowledge of the Bible and of God. We exist to love, serve and encourage one another in living godly lives.
  • For God. Ultimately we exist to honour, praise and glorify God. He made us, he sustains us, he saved us, he lives with us, and he keeps all things going. We want the world to know he is God and there is no other.


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