English Classes

Term 1 begins 11 February!

We offer English classes at Grove Church on Thursday mornings during school terms. People with all levels of English, from all different language backgrounds are welcome to attend. Native English speakers from our church run the classes. A $2 charge per week covers the costs of all materials.

When: Thursdays 10:00am to 12:30pm 每周四早上 10– 12点
Where: Grove Church, Cnr Hillcrest Ave and Lansdowne St 转弯角 Hurstville Grove
Basic, intermediate or advanced English speakers 学习班分为:初级和高级
Cost: $2 per class 费用:每周 $2

Enquiries 咨询请联系
Eva: 0430291299(中文)
Lyn: 0419699096(英文)

COVID Safety 新冠病毒控制规定
Wear a mask 带口罩
Social distance 1.5 metres 保持1.5米社交距离
Hand sanitiser available 教会提供酒精洗手液
Stay home if you have cold or flu symptoms 如果你有感冒症状,请留在家中