Rwanda Mission 2019
Jared B

Jared B went with his dad, Greg, and the Rwandan team on their mission trip in May this year. He shares with us his reflections on the experience.

This year I was fortunate enough to go with Dad on his mission trip to Rwanda. Dad goes each year to train the pastors in theology. The course this trip was Early Church History. I studied with the students. I was impressed with their knowledge and understanding. I had trouble understanding the topic and they were studying it in their second language! The students were all happy to be there and studied hard.

Studying with the students

We visited the Centre for Champions, a place where teenagers come to learn skills so they can be employed. They learn hairdressing, electrical work, construction and sewing. We took them the uniforms that my soccer club, Connells Point Rovers, had donated. The students had a game coming up that week but no uniforms—perfect timing! I couldn’t believe that they play soccer with no boots!

New soccer uniforms

I learnt that the Rwandan people respect everything that they have. Perhaps it is because they don’t have as much as we do. The people that I met love Jesus just like we do. It was a great experience to see God at work in Rwanda. Thank you for your prayers for us.