5 ways to grow your faith this summer
Amanda Jeavons

Whether you’re lucky enough to have extended holidays or just enjoying the quieter work period, summer has a slow, relaxed feel as we all recover from Christmas and New Year. But in the absence of small groups and with many coming and going on holidays, January also tends towards a lack of structure when compared to the rest of the year.

If you find your Christian walk is feeling interrupted, lacklustre or simply ignored, here are five ways to purposely grow your faith this summer.

1. Read a Christian book

If you’re a big summer reader (and even if you’re not), then add a Christian book to your holiday reading list. In between the murder mysteries, biographies and beach reads, challenge and grow your faith by reading a book about Christian life or doctrine.

If you’re looking for some suggestions, check out our recommended resource lists from our 2019 sermon series, Church Building Blocks and Hot Topics: Hell, Sexuality and Failure. Otherwise, Koorong also has a list with some fantastic books here.

2. Visit a church while on holidays

If you’re away on holidays on a Sunday, try visiting a local church instead of simply missing that week. Be encouraged by the fact that there are Christians all across Australia and the world who meet together in fellowship to worship, pray and hear God’s word.

If you’re not able to find a church nearby, then you can also hold a service yourself by having a dedicated time to pray and read God’s word together, sing (your favourite) worship songs and listen to an online sermon.

3. Serve in a new way

Plenty of church rosters are light on during January as people are away, so it can be a perfect opportunity to serve the church by filling in, or try out a new ministry.

There are also some summer-specific ways to serve, such as helping with our Kids Holiday Club or the church clean out in the lead up to our 2020 renovation. Talk to one of the ministers or a ministry leader about ways you can serve over January.

4. Hang out with your church family

While small groups may not be on during the summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t meet up with your church family. Invite someone over for lunch after church, host a BBQ, go to the cinema or beach… There are plenty of options to spend time together in a less formal setting!

5. Join a Bible reading group on WhatsApp

With small groups on hiatus and your usual schedule thrown out of whack by the Christmas/New Year period, it can be easy to let Bible reading fall by the wayside in January. So if you’re looking for some structure and extra motivation to pick your Bible up again, then join other church members in reading the word together.

A number of people will be reading through Hebrews at the same rate and then sharing their thoughts on each passage in a WhatsApp group. There will be five passages per week and two days to catch up. The groups will begin reading on 6 January. If you’re interested in joining, fill out this form here.